Symbolism In The Poem The Windhover

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A windhover is also called kestrel – relating to hawk species. Because of its rare ability to fly high in the sky and the beautiful appearance, it is a symbol to represent royalty. With the dapple color on its body, it is magnificent looking while hovering on the sky. Hovering above most of the animals, the windhover watches every movement of the animals beneath its feet. Plus, the bird has fabulous eyesight, so it can spot its target from the sky. Whenever there is a chance, it will look for the prey by circling in the sky so that the target won’t have the chance to escape. Instead of giving up because of its disadvantage, a tiny body with soft leathers, the bird turns those factors into the capabilities which can overcome other animals. It has the capabilities to hunt and dominate other animals that a have bigger size without having a giant and powerful appearance. After all, the windhover is a bird with a smart mind and the elegant look, but power. It is so beautiful and flawless, Hopkins uses terms such as “minion” and “dauphin” to show the beauty and power of the bird in the poem “The Windhover”. Based on Hopkins’s description, a…show more content…
The beauty of the windhover in the morning is a breathtaking view. It is similar to the view that only lovers can experience by observing their darlings in the morning. The view amazes their viewers from watching the bird gliding and swooping in the sky with the sun on half of its body which create a big black shadow on the ground. The shadow circles on the ground as the bird hovers. Not only that, the power and skill of the bird is top rank in its society. Similar to a prince, the windhover is almost the most powerful bird in the sky. Only standing behinds bald eagle as the prince stands behind the king. The windhover shows the beauty of nature, so paying attention to them in the morning is a must for a relaxing day on the

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