Symbolism In The Princess Bride

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Throughout The Princess Bride, the author included a significant amount of symbolism. The six fingered sword is a great example of symbolism in the text. It's rather odd that a sword of this design belonged to a five fingered man. Inigo's father, Domingo Montoya, was a master craftsman who was commissioned by a powerful noble to create the best sword in all the land. He spent a great deal of time on this sword and expected a reward of equal value. When the Count finally arrived to collect his sword he was so disgusted with the results he concluded it was only worth one tenth of the original. Inigos father refused to take such a low offer for his masterpiece.The count then brutally killed Inigo's father. After The count slain his father, the…show more content…
Before they begin their duel Inigo has a flashback of his father and his attachment with the sword. The book describes it as the greatest sword since Excalibur, equipped with the strongest metals in all the land as well as a jewel encrusted guard. It was truly a work of art. The reader can conclude that the author intended for the beauty of the sword to represent the beauty that Inigo sees in his father. In the final chapter of the book, Inigo completes his life, lifelong quest when he kills the person that has haunted him his entire life. Once he finally finds Count Rugen he gives him the same scars that the count gave him many years ago. Once he finally gets the thing he wants the burdens that he has carried his entire life are finally lifted off his shoulders. If this isn't retributive justice I don't know what is. In conclusion, the six fingered sword has a significant amount of meaning to Inigo throughout the text. His father spent so much time and effort on the sword on for the count to selfishly rob and murder him. After Inigo is beaten and embarrassed in the duel, he takes the sword with him to symbolize his father on his quest to avenge his father's death. The swords true beauty also represents the was Inigo recollects his father. Finally the sword represents the burdens that inigo carried entire life.In the end, the sword was one of the few things that drove Inigo Montoya is overall

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