Symbolism In The Quilt Of A Time

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We human beings are too caught up in all the life changing decisions we have to make, that we often forget our responsibilities as an individual in a society. The several symbols used in “The Quilt of a Country” by Anna Quindlen, “Once Upon a Time” by Nadine Gordimer and “Rituals of Memory” by Kimberly M Blaeser, effortlessly display the distinct but essential roles of an individual in a society. For example, in “A Quilt of a Country” Quindlen uses the “crazy quilts” as a symbol to show that America may seem like an “improbable idea” because of its “mongrel” people, it still works. Whereas, in “Once Upon a Time” Gordimer uses the cat to symbolize the good people who did what they believed in. Which was to end the divide between people of different skin colors. Lastly, in “Rituals of Memory” Blaeser uses curly hair to resemble how rituals take us back to our roots. Although these authors might not share similar views, they illustrate the many responsibilities on every person in a society through the use of symbols. In “A Quilt of a Country” Anna Quindlen enforces the idea that America is an entity, Quindlen uses the “crazy quilts” as a symbol in lines 7 and 8, “like the crazy quilts that have been of its greatest folk-art forms”. A quilt is made up of different patterns, colors, and textures; these components enhance a quilt’s appearance. Like wise, the United States is also extraordinary because of its diversity. There are people of different nationalities, ethnicities and
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