Symbolism In The Royal Tenenbaums

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In Wes Anderson 's film, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) you will find it to be a distorted film about a father who left his three kids and mother as kids and returns twenty-two years later. During his absence of betrayal, it molded the children into adults filled with bitterness and pity against their father who tells them he has six weeks to live to gain their forgiveness. With Royal 's sincerity of forgiveness slowly ends up affecting them who are dealing with their personal lives. I will unveil how the film uses the third person omniscient narrator, symbolism and the theme of containing unity in the family, family dysfunction, and the individual effort to mend errors.
The film’s point of view, third person omniscient, illuminated the theme
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The symbolism was exposed at the end of the film to help build the theme of the importance of family and making things right. Throughout the film, Margot hid cigarettes, keeping it away from the family. There was a shot in the movie, which showed Margot and Richie sharing a smoke on the rooftop. Moreover, Margot opening for Richie about her smoking and allowing her to share a cigarette symbolizes her wanting to be a relative; hence highlighting the importance of family sticking together. Also, when Eli ran over Chas dog, Buckley, their father bought Chas, a Dalmatian. “I 'm sorry I let you all down. I 'm trying to make up for it” (Anderson). To point out, Royal was not only apologizing to Chas but was demonstrating to him by an action. Ultimately, Chas accepts the Dalmatian symbolized apology; thus, illustrating the individual action to amend errors. Additionally, Chas has had disgust for Royal for having Richie as his favorite and for shooting him with a BB gun. Still, Chas was the only witness of his death illustrating forgiveness. The forgiveness and redemption towards the cause of the family 's dysfunction. Anderson allowed us to see through each character and see a change in each one to better their lives: Richie taught as a coach to young kids, Eli accepted his mental disorder and went to a rehabilitation center, and Margot writes a play. To enumerate, Harriet Lerner emphasizes that “A true apology focuses exclusively on the hurt feelings of the other person, and…show more content…
The handful of essential characters helped construct the themes; one of three, dysfunctional family. It seems that the more grief each character went through, the more dysfunctional the family seemed. Hence, Chas loses his wife in a plane crash, Margot 's fingers damaged terribly, and one that showed destruction was Richie 's emotional breakdown in a tennis match. A dysfunctional family has a conflict and such grief as the Tenenbaum Family did. More than enough of the characters desired penitence, which helped unveil the theme. Actions such as Margot sharing a smoke with Richie and Royal giving a Dalmatian to Chas gave a sense of reconciliation. This lets the audience feel the warmth of being together
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