Symbolism In The Secret Lion

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Alberto Alvaro Rios uses symbolism in his short story “The Secret Lion” to express the struggle of two young boys who refuse coming-of-age. In the story, there are two boys who are enchanted by the loveliness of a round ball which is perfect in their eyes unlike the the gruesome reality of nature, growing up. There are various symbol presented in the story. Hills or mountains, a river, a golf course which are all part of the boys perfect world free of adults. One day on the Arroyo, they found a grinding ball. It was round, heavy, perfect. They couldn’t take it home. So they buried and hid it so their mother would not throw it away, but the next day they couldn’t find it. This causes them to grow and understand that they are growing up and that they must continue with their lives. These two boys are in a journey of growing up, in their eyes their childhood will be taken away. We can see the use of symbolism because of the fear Sergio and the narrator have towards their mother taking the grinding ball. Something perfect for them. Another thing that is precious to them is the Arroyo. A piece of nature that reflect their life filled with wonder and imagination where they can let their inner child out. A place where they wont get reprimanded or a journey toward adulthood. The Arroyo: to the narrator and his friend Sergio, the Arroyo represents the boys freedom to express themselves. They go there a lot, when they were younger and now this will soon be taken away. Everyone said
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