Symbolism In The Swimmer

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Everyone has a fright for something, but not everyone tries to overcome the fear of whatever it must be. In 2011 S.J Butler thematised what it would say to be frightened, and not just evade the fact of fear, through her short story, The Swimmer. Many people have a way of letting everything go to one’s head, and not liberate themselves. That is simply the message and symbol the reader has to look for, while they are reading The Swimmer. As early as the first sentence the reader is introduced to the environment, and what environment you can expect at this time of the year: “The alders at the river’s edge stand motionless in the midsummer heat” (p. 2, l. 1). As a reader you can not prevent not to notice how extremely detailed the nature is described. An example of this is following: “Grasshoppers scratch and whirr, invisible in the tangled grass; one leaps onto the path in front of her, and on again to a new blade of grass” (p. 2-3, l. 29-32). S.J Butler has the ability of capturing the smallest of the smallest detail in the nature, and that is one thing that makes this short story a work of legible art for the readers. “Three weeks of windless sun weigh down on the fields; nothing moves except the water, slow, steady, a slick of olive green pouring away from her” (p. 2, l. 3-5), the nature in this quote is so well detailed, that the reader almost does not catch that this is an introduction to the main character, ‘the swimmer’. Even though the short story is so detailed, S.J

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