Symbolism In The Tell Tale Heart

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While Edgar Allan Poe is indisputably referred to as the ¨Father of the Detective Story,¨ he could also be referred to as the ¨Father of Gothic Fiction.¨ He commonly used dark plots and themes to journey readers into the disturbed minds of his characters, and elements such as symbolism, metonymy of horror and a fascination with the past are prevalent throughout the great works of Edgar Allan Poe. Among his most popular pieces, ¨The Tell-Tale Heart” is no exception to his eerie and mysterious way of writing. This plot of this piece is focused around a mentally mad narrator who tries to convince the reader of his sanity while detailing a murder he committed. Poe´s short story, ¨The Tell-Tale Heart,¨ is a prime example of a gothic story because it includes an atmosphere of mystery and suspense, the theme of death and the sense of madness and emotional distress. The location of this tale is not set in a stereotypical haunted castle or old mansion, which is a staple of gothic literature. The majority of the story takes place in a single room, where the insane narrator sneaks to look upon the old man while he sleeps. This room can be depicted as a gloomy and nebulous place, described as ¨black as pitch with the thick darkness¨ (Poe). Before even entering the room of the old man, the reader can gain an unsettling feeling from the narrator´s description of opening the door, saying he did this so cautiously ¨for the hinges creaked¨ (Poe). Due to further context, the reader can
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