Symbolism In The Tiger In Life Of Pi

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Animal imagery Can’t image that a young boy lives on the sea with a tiger that weight 450 pounds for 227 days on a 26 feet long lifeboat. In other version of the story, pi seems can be symbolized by Richard Parker. They have so many similarities. The tiger in life of pi symbolizes pi because they both have the desire for survival, pi doesn’t want to face himself in the experience on the sea just like Richard Parker go into the jungle without any looking back, and pi abandons his beliefs which corresponds to animal instinct. Richard Parker symbolizes pi because they have similar personalities such as the desire for survival. Pi almost dies on the sea because of lack of the food. He has nothing to eat even the fish. The hunger make him lose his mind. For the survival, he can only eat Richard Parker’s waste: “I returned the ball to the cup and added a little water. I covered it and set it aside. My mouth watered as I waited. When I couldn’t stand the wait any longer, I popped the ball into my mouth” (Martel 70). Pi would do anything for survival, even eat the animal’s waste. For Richard parker, he would also eat his own waste, because animals would eat anything that seems like food. They won’t think about what it is. If they are hungry, they will eat whatever it is. Therefore they both can do crazy things that help them to survive. Moreover, pi abandoned his rules, and followed his instinct on the sea. Pi doesn’t want to face himself in this horrible experience on the
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