Symbolism In The Village

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“The Village” by heavily accredited movie director M. Night Shyamalan is rich with symbolism and is a breath of fresh air for the horror and thriller movie genres. The themes and ideas presented in the film can be fascinating for all types of people. In Shyamalan’s “The Village”, several types of symbolism are used, such as the myth of “Those We Do Not Speak of”, Ivy’s blindness, and the colors to explain the overall theme of loss of innocence. The myth of the creatures, or “Those We Do Not Speak of” is represented in numerous different ways in several characters. First, when Noah stabbed Lucius because he is in love with Ivy, the audience realized that Noah isn’t as innocent as first presented. He was painted as the “village idiot” type of character who only had pure…show more content…
Ivy’s blindness is a representation of the village its self and symbolizes how the Elders kept the villagers in the dark about the real world. The blindness makes Ivy more vulnerable to the outside world, yet it also makes her the best candidate for going into the woods, because, per her father, she wouldn’t be able to see the horrors of the outside world. It was also assumed that the creatures would not harm her because they would have mercy on her, as with Noah. However, Ivy’s blindness does, in fact, make her a strong person because she has a different sense of awareness that others can’t experience. Although she was terrified of walking through the woods alone, Ivy ended up exactly where she needed to be. This wasn’t just a coincidence. Ivy’s “inner self” displayed the proper path and lead her to the outside world. It’s also important to note that she did indeed lose a great deal of her fear and innocence in the woods. An example of this was during a short scene of her breaking her cane in half. This symbolizes Ivy breaking an inner barrier in herself and being free from the
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