Symbolism In The White Hotel

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Representation of history in D. M. Thomas' novel The White Hotel At first, when I started to read the novel written by D.M. Thomas The White Hotel, I had the feeling that this novel is so vain and down to earth, gray, and the parts with letters are so boring. I was ashamed of myself that I didn't appreciate this book. Then when I came to the parts with erotic poems the disgust captured me and I wanted to throw this book away from me. But the part that (invoked the most emotions)(touched my feelings the most) is chapter five. I wanted to cry, I wanted to throw up, I wanted to forget about this book. I was questioning the world I am living in, the notion of being a human, I was questioning the sanity of the society of the previous century.…show more content…
Exactly in chapter V, where the Baby Yar is represented, we can clearly see the symptom of a mass hysteria that disfigured the German society. Brainwashed by the idea of their superiority over other nations, Hitler puppets bravely marched and exercised their rights to clean the world from unworthy nations. Two hysterias meet here. The hysteria is the same illness, but in the smaller scale, that is torturing the soul of the heroine of this novel. The author connects the illness of the main heroine with the illness of the society that she lives in very different levels. Her soul is like a radio that can receive the waves from the stations, the bleeding wounds of the XX century. She can catch the signal from hunger of Vienna, from Kiev occupation, Saint Petersburg, and Odessa, but one signal is very strong, the Baby Yar station's streaming never ends from the beginning till the end of her life. The pain in her chest and ovaries, the nightmares, fantasies filled with sex and death, poems presenting in their own way the holy act of creation and taking a life, dire visions, they all started here, from the end of her life. The last day of her life determined all the previous
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