Symbolism In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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The novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston supports a theme of desire, love, and independence. Neale uses different literary devices such as symbolism and motif. Neale uses symbolism to express the theme of independence, desire and love. For example, uses Janie’s hair to symbolizes her independence and desire. Janie’s hair expresses the breaking the social standard barrier, by having her straight hair worn down which was seen shameful for a woman her age. This reflects her rebellious spirit and desire for independence. By her ignoring what is socially acceptable, she portrays as a modern woman now by being independent but desiring to have a family. Another way Janie’s hair is used as a symbol is showing her masculinity. By describing her hair in a masculine way, it implies the power she has desire. Which ultimately shatters the gender wall that separates them, making her free from the norm. Another example, is Janie’s head-rag which represents her losing some of her independence. Jaine was told to wear a head-rag by her husband Jody to shadow her rebellious hair. By doing so, Neale is stating that Jody is placing his dominance and is concealing Janie’s independence. Neale is explaining the problems within the society that her desire for independence should be brushed…show more content…
For example, throughout the book Janie ends up being in two relationship throughout the novel, them being with Jody and Tea Cake. In both relationship she desired to be loved and admired but however she stumbles upon abandoning her pride and freedom to achieve her desires. Throughout the novel Jody makes her wear a head-rag that covers her personality. And Tea Cake keeps her on a theoretical leash to keep her chained down. She soon comes to realization and grasps what she whats the most after the passing of both her spouses and that's her
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