Symbolism In There Will Come Soft Rains

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The Eye of Minds Initially the story itself symbolizes the human development where people can virtually play in a game. In the context of this story, the effect is that it gives the reader futuristic environment where gaming has developed into a program that is extremely relative to reality, but is just a virtual world. As the Michael said, “The VirtNet was a funny thing. It was so real that sometimes Michael wished it wasn’t as high-tech” (Dashner 16). However, the significance of this story is similar to that of “August 2026: There will come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury there is an ironic outcome in the story where the technology that humans have created is used against them when the evil terrorist, Kaine, uses this advanced technology to fulfill his evil plans to become the ruler of the world. This led to the suicide of Tanya, a friend of Michael, and the death of many other players. To end, the VirtNet symbolizes human progress, yet ironically the creations made of humans are never used in the right way, where they are used against themselves. …show more content…

Primarily, the effect of this symbol gives the reader an impression that Kaine wants to destroy the VirtNet, and is prepared to exterminate anyone who dares interfering. The significance is displayed when he uses monstrous creatures called KillSims where he is killing people. KillSims are creatures that absorb the life out its prey and a device in which Kaine observes people, supposedly making him know about everything that is occurring. “The thing sucked her digital life out. Just like she warned us”, said Sarah when Ronika died after being attacked by a KillSim (Dashner 90). All in all, Kaine symbolizes annihilation, death, and evil due to his cruel actions on the society of the

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