Symbolism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Symbols have various hidden meanings that are used as a language to express emotions. They are used to make people aware of various thoughts about life and it is proved by Harper Lee’s novel to kill a mockingbird. Lee demonstrates through plot and characters that symbols express those thoughts that cannot be converted into words to express relations and emotions to a greater extent.
Firstly, mockingbirds are sacrificial lambs that are surrounded by people who do not let them fight back for the injustice happening to them. For instance, Boo Radley, a young man in Maycomb society is considered to be dead due to his introvert nature. As the author quoted, “no, it was not that sort of thing that there were other ways of making people turn into ghosts.” (Lee 14). The Radleys are one of the oldest families in Maycomb but still they do not have any contact with their neighbors. Their son, Boo is believed to be turned into a phantom since nobody ever sees him walking out of his house or interacting with people. Nobody tries to interact with him or try to know the reason behind his loneliness. Boo is one of those people who is a hot topic in people’s conversations, the residents of Maycomb society have killed him with their taunts and rumors about him. Moreover blacks are treated like slaves in Maycomb and every odd job is handed over to them. They are held responsible for any harm that happens to Maycomb. It is proven by the conversation between Tom Robinson and Atticus Finch
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