Symbolism In To The Lighthouse

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Patriarchal and the male dominant society doesn’t not allow women to have the same privileges and advantages as a men in which men’s principals guide women to be the perfect Victorian women that society expected her to be, however if a women does not accept and does not agree to a principals of Victorian men’s, she will remain spouseless. Because every man almost in our society wants women like Victorians, and that is why the marriage of Paul and Minta doesn’t survived. They parted so soon. The understanding is necessary. The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay proves that marriage is not a bond of mature and grown-up relationship between husband and wife. On the other hand, Lily has the first inspiration and creative work about her painting…show more content…
178-188). Instead of becoming a slave of tradition she chooses the way of freedom. Art becomes a tool for understanding the life and the reality. Lily is unable to obtain an empowering sense of female relief until she has finished the painting at the end of the novel. On this subject, the critic Eve Sorum states in journal of modern literature A Reading of Eliot and Woolf that, the negative annotations that Mr Tansley and Mrs Ramsay manifest concerning Lily’s painting constrain Lily’s progress in painting; her ability to paint will only progress when those influences are destroyed or rewritten. Lily still proceeds with her painting; however, she does not have clearly the confidence to paint her vision. Even though it is obvious that the negative attitudes prevent her to see her…show more content…
This statement is linked to Lily in the sense that she experiences a bodily sensation due to the fact that her painting expresses the desires that her body in life cannot. Moreover, Lily cannot act upon her inner desires at this point since the woman whom Lily desires does not exist in life anymore; it is only in her memory where Lily can pursue her

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