Symbolism In Touching Spirit Bear

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Has anyone ever called you an animal? Have you been compared to a sloth because you were lazy, or a mouse because you were quiet? In my Language Arts class, we read the book “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen. In this novel, a troubled teenage boy named Cole is banished to an island to find and heal his soul after he severely beats a kid. During his stay on the island, Cole realizes that he is similar to several different animals. After reading this novel, I have started to think of animals that symbolize how I was like in my past, present, and future. Furthermore, Monkeys are very playful creatures and have a tribe that puts each other first. A deer is a symbol of sensitivity and kindness, they symbolize feminine qualities. Lastly, bears…show more content…
Deers are a symbol of sensitivity and can further be defined as a compassionate animal. To put it differently, a deer symbolizes me because I am a highly sensitive teenager that is emotionally reactive and easily affected by the energy and moods of others. As an example, when my parents get mad at me, I uncontrollably start to cry because I cannot bear the feeling of them being disappointed in me. I also sob in Nicholas Sparks movies because I feel sympathy for the characters and apply the plot to my own life. Moreover, kindness is an additional trait a deer represents and I graciously consider myself a kind person. For instance, I try to see things from the perspective of others. I regularly complete small acts of kindness like, holding a door, offering assistance, granting a compliment, and so on. Additionally, a deer is my spirit animal because they symbolize feminine qualities like beauty, girlishness, fashion, etc. In particular, I find joy in shopping for new clothes and styling myself in the morning. I treasure making myself feel confident and beautiful through my appearance. Given these points, you can clearly see that my current personality is most like a deer because I am sensitive, kind, and have feminine
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