Symbolism In Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) Symbolism is a literary element that many authors have used to make their novels seem more rich and meaningful, conveying a very important message or idea, or a life lesson to the reader; the book Under The Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples uses symbolism to convey powerful messages. (BS-1) In the beginning of the novel, the author uses stars as a way for the main characters, Najmah and Nusrat, to connect with and remember their loved ones. (BS-2) Later on, when they face their life conflicts, Staples uses stars to bring deeper meaning to their struggles of loss in family and convey their emotions. (BS-3) The end of the book has much to do with the stars about their decisions based on their growth in character and strength. (TS)…show more content…
(BS-1) Whenever Najmah and Nusrat miss their lost loved ones, they look at the stars and console themselves that their loved ones are safe and secure somewhere in the star studded universe. (BS-2) As they are faced with hardships throughout their lives and persevere to come out of them, the sky and the stars reflect their struggles in the way the sky is filled with darkness (symbolizing despair) and then filled with brilliant light from the stars (symbolizing hope). (BS-3) Despite the death of her mother and father in the case of Najmah and the death of her sister and husband in the case of Nusrat, both draw tremendous courage from the ever present stars as they successfully strive through their lives. The omnipresent stars encourage them to move on in their lives despite their loss and continue to bring joy and happiness to other human beings around them. (R) Due to the stars they are certain that their loves are safe and secure and that one day they too will have to depart this Earth, becoming stars and finally reuniting with their
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