Symbolism In Victor Frankenstein

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1. The creature Victor Frankenstein creates is a feat of scientific discovery and a product of scientific knowledge. Although this creature was “created” by Victor, he is independent of his creator and portrays all the characteristics of a human being. His human behaviors departs him of the title of a monster and makes him the novel’s most sympathetic and tragic character. Before Victor meets the creature, the reader is led to view the creature with hostility because of his murder of William. When Justine falsely confesses to the crime of killing William, Victor becomes consumed with guilt, knowing that it was the creature’s fault for his brother’s murder. “Was a creature capable of a crime which none but the devil himself could have perpetrated.”…show more content…
This story directly parallels the creature’s desire for a friend and a mate later in the novel, again foreshadowing events later in story. Fire and light also serve a major symbolic purpose in the novel, as they represent the nature of scientific progress, discovery, and innovation. Fire can provide warmth and heat, but at the same time it can also burn and destroy. Victor’s uses his knowledge to create a man with the fire of life, but he also indirectly causes the destruction of everyone he cares about. Light is described in terms of progress and innovation. Walton describes his journey north as a journey to the, “country of eternal light” (3), while Frankenstein describes his brusts of insights as “ a sudden light broke in upon me” (51). This light is what powers these two men to embark on their scientific journey and together with the symbolism of fire, creates their doomed
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