'Symbolism In Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?'

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“Symbolism” is stylistic device used especially in literature works that represents something else other than what has been mentioned in the writing. Symbolism creates the unintended emotion or mood in any work of literature. Ideally, it is the application of a given word person, scenario, object or even person to represent another idea or something. For example the use of a black colour could symbolize something bad especially death or grief. If you consider the work “The Scarlet Letter”, Nathanieluse author’s last name uses the “the black man” in his work to stand for Satan. Another good example to discuss is the novel written by George Orwell, “Animal Farm”. The title does not literally refer to the “animals” that we are aware of in our daily operations in life. Rather Orwell uses the animals on a farm to convey a particular message and that is showing how greed and lack of concern for others impacted on the Russian revolution.Your introduction
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In this her story there also exists several uses of symbolism. For example Arnold is portrayed as an imposter and fake friend. This is illustrated from the several descriptions ascribed to him like “his crazy hair looks like a wig, he is dressed like a rock star,” Oates says “his feet [do] not go all the way down in his boots,"p.? .This therefore gives the impression that may be Arnold could be lacking human feet and instead have either artificial feet or some kind of “hooves”.therefore, what might he symbolize?? Symbolism can also be derived from Connie’s sexual fantasies and thus bringing the impression that women are “pleasure seeking objects” ??used by men to satisfy their sexual gratifications.Oates portrays Connie as a sexually skilled girl who has given her body to men countless timesupon what evidence do you bas this conclusion? moreover Arnold has easy time in convincing her as
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