Symbolism In Yeats's Second Coming

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Different poems, essay and novels show different kinds of symbolism that reader should learn from it and understand in which category they falls. The poem second coming written by Yeats. W.B symbolism which depends on preordained energies and long association. Preordained energies defined natural energy which already exists like, falcon, anarchy, and ceremony of innocence. Whereas in the long associations states that living with a certain habits for a long period of time like, Spiritus mundi, sphinx, and the second coming. According to Andrew Aarons (2014) “Yeats introduces the symbol of the second coming in the second stanza, which is used as an answer to the first stanza. The destruction of the first stanza must stand for something, and Yeats sees it as gyre. Yeats draws on the verbal communication of the Book of Revelation to conjure an image of Christ 's return.” And I am going to mainly deal with long association. (Sphinx).

Revealing symbolism was the path to understand religion in the poem ‘second coming’. In the poem second coming Yeats focused more on symbol to make the readers realized more on religions and the return of Christ. According to Yeats states “The falcon cannot hear the falconer”, we cannot hear nor sense others who want to destroy us. As the falcon (birds) fly smoothly curving line away from the falconer (is someone who trains and uses falcons as a hunter to hunt other birds), as we cannot predict life, we never know that someone is always behind us
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