Symbolism Of Ambiguity In Hamlet

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Murder, Tragedy, ill-fated, all of those things combined would lead to a very melancholy outcome. They are presented in Hamlet with great effect and adversity. Ambiguity is provided quite frequently in Hamlet, a tyrant was overthrown, a mysterious death was solved, and in the end, no one is a winner. There will always be some ambiguity in life when making decisions. The characters, symbolism, and setting & atmosphere in Hamlet and Ophelia prove the use and importance of ambiguity. One should consider the consequences of one’s choices carefully before moving forth.

The symbolism in this story is one to be contradictory, like ambiguity since it is something that one figures out mentally, the possibilities are endless, symbolism helps the
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The Shakespearean times was quite a time to be alive, so many of Shakespeare’s works have been so expressive and alive, and the setting of Hamlet impacts the story very greatly. Fortibras, the prince of Norway and war leader tells the Captain, also saying the setting, “Tell him that Fortinbras asks permission to move his troops across Denmark” (Marsden 127). Denmark as the setting of Hamlet was chosen most likely because of its medieval setting, but also from the war with the other countries. The castle also has close quarters and many chambers. This proves the theme because all of the secrecy that could be in the castle also relates to its ambiguity/unknown components in the story and background. Atmosphere in Hamlet has been immensely expressed through every single element this story has shown, Hamlet displays the atmosphere in the objects he introduces, and the words he says, and the places he goes. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" (Marsden 57). “The clock’s just striking twelve” (Marsden 2). This quote signifies to the theme by its mystery, something fishy is a comparison that characters usually use to indicate a sense of confusion, and suspicion. Also the vibe that of when a clock has struck at midnight is usually one to be somber and suspenseful, like the readers waiting for something to happen. All in all, setting and atmosphere play a very crucial role in any novel, play, or film. Whether the form of entertainments likability would also be based on how well it is presented meaning it must have a favorable setting and
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