Symbolism Of Color In The Great Gatsby

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The colors in the novel bear a rich symbolic and emotional potential. In this novel, the author makes extensive use of color, which acquire the symbolic value and serve as a tool for the disclosure of the artistic world. Colors become an integral part of the character of the world and reveal their nature, serve as a means of an opposition of some characters to each other. In addition, every writer, along with the traditional associations, also has its own individual vision of color symbolism. Therefore, in order to understand the true meaning of the work, it is necessary to understand these implications.
For example, the valley of ashes world sharply contrasts the worlds of Gatsby and Daisy. the valley of ashes is described in the gray palette, as well as its
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It is no coincidence that the author selects green. It has the following values: stoic resolute; (memory) not fading away and vivid. Thus, green carries additional significance. It characterizes Gatsby, who, in spite of the time and objective obstacles, continues to believe in his dream of happiness with Daisy. It becomes the main purpose and motivation in his life. He is trying to bring back the past and blindly following a dream he did not notice that Daisy is not the one for whom she claims to be, that her behavior is a mask behind which she is skillfully hiding. Here, the additional meanings of the word "green" help to fully understand the character.
On the analysis of individual cases of the color symbolism in the novel by Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby", it turned out that here reveals the significance of basic colors and their values in the novel, which makes the narrative profound and expressive. With the help of colors the author creates a capacious and rich adjectives and vivid characters, without understanding which it is impossible to fully understand the characters and the book as a
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