The Importance Of Cow In Indian Politics

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Cow, since the time of early nationalism has been one of the most controversial subjects of the Indian politics. It has been used by the political institutions as a tool to mobilize people on religious lines. The politics around this simple; decent animal poisoned the minds of the masses which became the reason for the death of hundreds and thousands of people, and division of the communities on religious grounds who should have, otherwise, united during the freedom struggle. Cow is regarded sacred in the realm of Hinduism and is given the position of mother. Its religious and agricultural importance is immense and one cannot ignore the fact that this animal has been a great part of mythology and economy. In this research paper, we will attempt to analyze the influence of cow, as a symbol of Hinduism during the era of nationalism. We will explore the historical significance of cow in Vedas and Upanishads and how the notion of sacredness of cow came into being. It would become important to reflect how cow, as a tool…show more content…
The aim would be to find out why and how cow became an epitome of Hindu-ness and nationalism, and what impact did the cow politics leave on the post-independence India. With the hypothesis that cow was indeed a significant cause for the communal divide between Hindus and Muslims along with other reasons like religion, language, beliefs and ideologies would go further into the research. The information regarding the topic has been gathered from various sources including newspaper, readings, books, articles, journals, first-hand interview and videos for a wider understanding of the
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