Sad Feelings Movie Analysis

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Sad feeling is the first thing someone could feel whenever their lovely person in a bad condition as Hazel. In Oxford dictionary, sad means unhappy or unacceptable. The thought of sad has a relation in which people would give an emoticon or symbol as it is in the symbol of triangle. While the referent of the thought of reference is the picture of a shot when Frannie tries to give a support to Hazel when Hazel was child and in survive of her cancer in the hospital. There are tears drop in Frannie’s cheeks and behind her, is Michael, who stoop his head because he feels the same, tries to not crying. Tear is not always about sadness, a very happy and overwhelm person could tears as well. However, mostly, tear is a sign for sadness. When pain cannot be explained by words then crying the only way to show it. I. Icon of Happy Feeling Happy is other feeling that could be found in this movie. As an antonym for sad feeling, it is signed by a smile emoticon in the symbol. There are some of happy scenes in this movie. When Hazel is happy that she could leave for Amsterdam with Gus and her mother, when Gus calls her on phone, when Frannie is happy to see her daughter is overwhelm because she is allowed to go abroad in that condition. Other scene that being an icon of Happy feeling is when Lidewij smiles and gives applause to Gus and…show more content…
The index is the hard breathe. The thought of reference which is her relapse, leads to a referent of the first picture in the table of index. Her eyes are opened wide, her head is a bit pointed upward and her hands grip bed cover. She tries to inhale so hard then she hold her chest and crouch while she grips her blanket. Sometimes, an asthma accusative has the same way to inhale when somebody has a relapse on it, without a respiration equipment. However in this case, hard breathe is became an index since it indicates the relapse and it is one of the example of medical
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