Symbolism Of Hester's Sin In The Scarlet Letter

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Hester's sin In literature, a symbol can stand for something stronger than what the reader thinks. A symbol delivers a message and changes how the reader interprets the text. In the story, The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses Pearl as a symbol of love and passion from an act of adultery. Hawthorne uses Pearl as a symbol in many ways such as Hester's adulterous act, her sin, and lastly her passion Throughout the story, Pearl serves as a reminder to Hester about her adulterous act. Pearl instinctively reaches for the scarlet letter and ends up making one on her own. The scarlet letter was the first thing Pearl seemed aware of in her life and brings it up in many scenes throughout the story. Pearl consistently reminds Hester of what she has done, an…show more content…
Pearl serves as a symbol of Hester's passion. Although it may seem like the world has crashed down on Hester, she remains strong for herself and Pearl. Towards the beginning when Pearl is very young and the aspect of Hester's sin is still in full swing, it was hard for Hester to stay as strong as she did. Many things turned Hester away but as the story continues so does Hester's love and passion for Pearl. She grows stronger and realizes that Pearl is a symbol of passion and represents her life choice and that it isn't so bad, Hester dealt with it and made the best of it. Symbols stand for something deeper than what they appear. They can can change the way an audience takes in information form the story and gives them different appeals from each character. Throughout the scarlet letter, Pearl represents three main symbols. Most of them bad but the last and most important is good. It caps of the story and leaves the reader with a warm feeling inside knowing that even through all the bad, there is still good and that good makes the bigger
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