Symbolism Of Language

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Language is the most important marvel in the world; it is a system of communication consisting of word, sounds and grammar and also is a system of communication used by human and animal. There are several hundred million people learning it at any one time and it is a very nature tool for human and animal to communicate with each other. Human beings communicate in a rich and sophisticated way that is sound and movement, speech and gesture to communicate too. A sound, a word, speech, language rarely has intrinsic meaning it is SYMBOLIC, an Onomatopoeic words may have their meaning reflected in the sound (bang, splash, cuckoo) for an example and Gestures also called as PARALANGUAGE. The connection between sound and symbol is quite arbitrary. Language, being symbolic it can represent meaning beyond the immediate context, learners have to learn to relate the symbol to its meaning, that is why we encourage to use context to teach language and other way to explain the meaning by using translation or explanation in English.( leads to the grammar-translation method of teaching) Language is not just only symbolic. It is also a complex system and productive. Wherefore the main aim of English teacher is to help language learners acquire this power of productivity, of generating original speech. All language learners be sure learnt the language system either explicitly or implicitly. Language is distinctly complex because the rules are not easily stated. We
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