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Language is the most important marvel in the world; it is a system of communication

consisting of word, sounds and grammar and also is a system of communication used by

human and animal. There are several hundred million people learning it at any one time and it

is a very nature tool for human and animal to communicate with each other.

Human beings communicate in a rich and sophisticated way that is sound and

movement, speech and gesture to communicate too. A sound, a word, speech, language rarely

has intrinsic meaning it is SYMBOLIC, an Onomatopoeic words may have their meaning

reflected in the sound (bang, splash, cuckoo) for an example and Gestures also called as

PARALANGUAGE. The connection between sound and symbol is quite
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Relatively, writing is

an attempt to record speech. At the present time we prefer to teach from speech to writing and

not from writing to speech.




For all animals, they use some form of communication, animal language is any form

of communication that shows similarities to human language: signals, signs or sound to

communicate. Chimpanzees and baboons use lexigrams or figures and symbols for an

example and birds and whales use sound to communicate among each other for an example.

Generally there are four types of animal communication: visual communication, auditory

communication, tactile communication as well as chemical communication.

Language has three face of language; expression-intonation nords phrases, sentences,

meaning –senses and referents of the elements of expression, context-social situation, shared

knowledge between speaker and hearer.

Language is use for communication as well as conveying information and ideas from

one person to another. It may also be used to control people, events or relationships; to

command, persuade, ask or

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