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~The Tao of KGV What is the Tao? The Tao is the code of behaviour or the natural order that the world should follow. This is in the sense that no one should oppose the universe. The most famous symbol in Taoism is Yin and Yang. This symbol is made of a circle divided equally. Both the sides are two different colors and either sides have a little bit of the opposite color in them. This symbolizes that there 's` always some good in bad and always some bad in evil. Taoist corridor Dao is empty, it is used but never filled, it dulls sharp edges. It unties knots, softens glares and settles the dust. This means that the corridor should be much more wider, there shouldn’t be people trying to push each other and we get the freedom to go wherever…show more content…
Wu Wei is the way of following the Tao. It means not to intervene with the ways of nature. Taoists live life of harmony and balance, like the flow of a river. “The world is a spiritual vessel, and one cannot act upon it; one who acts upon it destroys it.” -An extract from the Tao Te Ching So if a student forgets their homework at home, they must accept it in a positive attitude, and not get mad. Though of course, they can get mad if a student is constantly using the same excuse for not doing the homework, but they can help them improve, and give them a system, where they will do their homework. Taoists also believe that there are no accidents, and that the universe controls everything, as seen in the quote above.. Applying these Taoist beliefs to the ways of being a teacher, means that they will be accepting, of their fate, and their students’ as…show more content…
All the buildings should be of a bright colour which as mentioned above, will change the students moods and the school’s effectiveness. This is how our school should be changed according to Feng Shui. Taoist Canteen The Taoists have a very strict diet. They have something called Yin & Yang diet. Yang food is warm and high in calories and Yin food helps calm down a person. Examples of Yang food are Eggs, Mushrooms, Coffee etc. Examples of Yin food are Tofu, Seaweed, Apple, Orange etc. Taoists only eat locally grown food and some Taoist are Vegetarian. Taoists don’t eat processed food like junk food and not easy to digest food. “He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of the physician.” -Chinese proverb This quote shows that Taoist people like to have and be healthy so they don’t waste the doctor 's time and skill. Taoist don’t eat any red meats like pork and beef are avoided by taoists. Taoists instead eat fish and white meat like chicken. Taoists try to avoid fatty dairy things like cheese. Taoists prefer to eat vegetarian and vegan

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