Symbols And Motifs In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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“If you love something you must set it free, and if it returns then it was meant to be”. This quote is fewer or more words demonstrates the beauty in releasing something for the greater good, which is exactly what took place in the story “The Awakening”. In the story “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin the author uses symbols and motifs through her main character, Edna, to illuminate her feelings and define her actions.
In “The Awakening” the author uses her main character Edna to illuminate independence and coming to her personal realization or “an awakening”, through the use of motifs. A motif that was in infiltrated in the story was the motif of her children. We see multiple perspectives on how children should be raised, or what type of mother a women should be throughout this story, but Edna does not allow others opinions to affect her emotions on the situation. Edna makes it clear that it is not the lack of love she has for her children that causes her actions, but the fear of losing herself. Edna does not want to be seen as “property” of her husband, or a stay at
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One would think this goes hand in hand but we see it means so much more. Edna gave her life to protect the ones she loved from the pain her actions would have inflicted if she stayed. Edna was so involved in what she wanted for herself, yet knew other would suffer. Sadly, even though Edna was aware her actions would bring negative consequences she was not willing to give up her desire for freedom in return for her family. Although, Edna’s leaving did leave her children without a mother, she did it in “secret”. She set up her suicide to look like an accident which allowed there to be peace for her kids, and again protect them from the horrible judgemental remarks from society if they found out she really did commit
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