Symbols And The Drummer Boy Analysis

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This Essay Is About Symbols And The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh . What Do Symbols Represent ? My Background Information Is About , In The April Night, More Than Once, Blossoms Fell From The Orchard Trees And Lit With Rustling Taps On The Drumskin . The Other Background Information Is , His Face, Alert Or At Rest, Was Solemn . My Two Symbols That I’m Going To Talk About Are , The Peach Blossom And The Leaves & Twigs . The Peach Blossom Connection To Battle Is , That He’s A Young Man . The Symbolize In Battle Is , That It’s A Young Boy Who’s Still In The Childhood Stage . The Texture Evidence Is Pg.169 . The Battle Affected Me Is When He Was Still Young . The Leaves & Twigs Connection To Battle Is , When They Started A Fire . The Symbolize In The
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