Symbols In A Clockwork Orange

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Code and Cinematic Signs of A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick is famous for his dark humor movies. He used a lot of codes and signs to express his stylish aesthetic violence and sexual implications in his movies. A Clockwork Orange can be considered as one of the best among them.

In the opening milk-bar scene with the mannequins, the bar is full of sexual imagery. The film continues this motif throughout, combining sex with violence as the social norm. Alex’s parents are completely docile and impotent, having no idea of the actual state of world affairs. Strangely, Alex has an affinity for Beethoven, which often plays ever scenes of violence on sex, including rape scenes.

The main character Alex is a good way to start. In the film, the character is referred to “little Alex” or “Alex boy” by Mr. Deltoid and how his parents being so patient to him, treating him as a little boy. It is undoubted that Stanley Kubrick used different signs to portray Alex and his gangster friends as children. For examples, the decoration, the color and the arrangement of Alex’s bedroom are similar to a young boy’s room in our perception; Alex is being spoon-fed in the hospital at the end of the film; he and his gangster friends pour milk from the breasts of mannequin women in the milk bar; Also, when challenging Alex’s leadership, Dim comments Alex that Alex sometimes acts and talks like a little child and he, meanwhile, is using a broken off wheel to imitate the action of driving – he

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