Symbols In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Within the novel “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” the author uses specific symbols throughout the book to get certain points across. He uses symbolism through the setting of the book so we are able to read between the lines. The weather and specific objects in nature are two symbolic representations used consistently throughout the novel. Other forms of symbols can include the way he uses character names, senses, and animals. The author chooses to use all of these at specific points in the book to make our attention really drawn to key factors in the novel. With how often the characters in the book mention the weather, you might almost think they are obsessed with it. The settings’ symbolism can portrait aspects like how the characters had completely different recollections of how the weather was on the day of Santiago’s death. It isn 't the weather itself that matters so much, it is what is behind it, the deeper meaning. One character, Colonel Lázaro Aponte said "I can remember with certainty that it was almost five o 'clock and it was beginning to rain.” (Marquez, 55). However others like Pablo claim that "It wasn 't raining...There was a sea wind and you could still count the stars with your finger” (Marquez 61). The different and misleading interpretations of the weather can thoroughly mirror a symbolic representation of all the different versions of Santiago’s…show more content…
Within the novel “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” it’s shown that the author uses symbolism through the setting of the book to make the novel more interesting and have a more significant or deeper meaning behind it. The author uses key symbols to let us readers know more than just what is on the lines in front of us. By using character’s names the author shows us the difference between how the character is personed versus how they actually act. The author also uses symbols through the setting like the weather or nature, like rivers, birds, and flowers to represent and sometimes even foreshadow
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