Homer Barron Character Analysis

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Emily Grierson referred as a protagonist and take on a great role throughout the story. She lived with her father and servant in an aristocratic family. She made an unjust choice that developed her character’s ethics by killing Homer Barron at the end of the story. She was abused by her father when she was young, she got control by her father, to grow up as a proud and tradition girl. Her world revolved around her father from the day when she was just a kid. Because of all the attitude and abusive of her father, control other people become one of her habits. As she met a man who named Homer Barron, she wanted him to belong to her, to stay by her side. Therefore, she decided to kill him as a form of love that she knew about control other people. In fact, Emily’s actions are unwise over the story. She chose to love a man who did not love…show more content…
As the death of her father, it meant that she had received the freedom to live her life. However, at that time period, society classes still expected to get marry or do something that could bring pride to the aristocratic family. Therefore, Emily got her own thinking about marrying a man who she fell in love with, or even kill him as he did not love her. If she lived in this current life, it would be so wrong for a woman to do so. However, it was a time when the women were weak, just stay at home, and got control by the men. Emily kept isolation by her father, stayed indoor by a restrictive society pushed her into the path with no exit. “A Rose for Emily” wrote at the time with the extremes of isolation period. Therefore, author William Faulkner wanted to show how people’s behavior get affect by family, community, and tradition. People went to the wrong direction with their actions and their choices after being isolated by other people, to dominate other. He wanted to against the isolation of the world in the past, to make the people think better and act
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