Symbols In Go Tell It On The Mountain

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Baldwin was a part of a great movement, a movement that never seemed to stop. He never had time to catch up with his partners and rest before the next event. He recalls one time specifically with Martin Luther King, Jr., and writes, “I had not seen Martin in quite some time, and I looked forward to seeing him in a setting where we might be able to talk a little bit before he had to dash off and grab some sleep before catching the next plane. For years, most of us had seen each other only at airports, or, wearily, marching, marching” (133-134). As a civil rights activist, it was hard to be able to discuss things with other activists because each had his own tasks to take care of and could not stay in one place for too long. But the hard work eventually paid off, though Baldwin and his companions…show more content…
They also pray for wholeness during the prayer night at the church, simply because God moves in them and they feel the need for redemption. Gabriel, during his time of prayer, recalls one night when he is heading home from a night of partying and sinful endeavors. As he was walking home, he believed the Lord was indirectly calling out to him, the weary sinner, and he yelled out, “‘Oh, Lord, have mercy! Oh Lord, have mercy on me!’” (107). But after this instance, Gabriel got into and out of sin numerous times, only to believe he had gotten right with God after so many times of asking for redemption. Gabriel’s quest for wholeness is complex; he is a preacher who has lived a life of sin, gotten redeemed of that sin, and feels that he is complete. But there is a problem evident to everyone else but him: his son, John. It seemed to him that he had nothing at all to worry about, but to everyone else, there was a son at home who was going to turn out just as he

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