Symbols In The Bluest Eye

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In the novel the Bluest Eye by Tori Morrison, Morrison uses the Blue eyes as a symbolic way to reflect on white hegemony and its characteristics impacting the way black lived. The blue eye is symbolic because it represents how america used to be back in the days and when black were treated differently because of the color of their skin and how still today they struggle more than anyone because of the color of there skin.

Blue eyes appear to be symbolize the way blacks were treated and how through white's eyes they were seen as in America. Main characters in the book react to blue eyes in many different ways. Claudia uses the bluest eye with her white dolls seeing their relationship with big disappointments because she feels different because
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she had lovely blue eyes in reality, Pecola envisions, individuals would not have any love to do good things before her or to her. The view of this understanding is confirmed by her experience of being teased by others in her school. “The Bluest Eye were familiar with images of an ugly Jesus perhaps they could imagine even Pecola as a Christ figure” (Jerome bump) in a way this can be true as the way she has blue eyes she wishes this change the way people see her and wish it could change other. Morrison said her writing "should try deliberately to make you ... feel something profoundly in the same way that a Black preacher requires his congregation ... to expand on the sermon that is being delivered" (Jerome) I think the way Morrison writes she writes to set a message and I believe the message is not to judge someone of because of the color of there skin. The first words of the book says “To the two who gave me and the one who made me free” (Morrison) I believe this has to do with the racism deal and how all her life she wanted to treated as a good person and she wanted others to cherish her but as much as she tried to change her ways she never going to be free and I feel like to the end of the book she is free from all her feeling and all the stuff she held down inside
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