Symbols In The Exorcist

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The Exorcist Everyone has different views when it comes to life after death, including the beliefs in ghosts and spirits. In the movie The Exorcist, the vivid scenes and twisted storylines made this movie one of the scariest movies of the seventies. The movie showcases 12 year old Regan’s life once she becomes possessed by the devil himself, and the struggles her mother went through to get her some help. The movie shows many reoccurring motifs throughout the movie, as well as some hidden metaphors that suggests a deeper meaning to the plot. What I have observed from the film is that in a way, once Regan is possessed she is like a mirror, she shows the fears of the people surrounding her. For example, Father Merrin, Father Karras,…show more content…
It even tried to trick Father Karras into thinking that the holy water (which was in fact tap water) was burning it’s skin. I also noticed that the demon possessing Regan could also metaphorically symbolize her body becoming sexually aware as she enters puberty, and her innocence diminishing slowly. When Regan stabbed herself in her private parts, and shoved her mother’s face there, all while screaming obscenities is a prime example of this. Before the possession of the demon it seemed as though Regan was a very respectful and innocent girl, then she slowly turned into a more rebellious child because of the demon. This is similar to many kids once they go through puberty, they may start off very innocent yet end up acting like a completely different person. Towards the end of the movie the demon begins speaking in the voice of Father Merrin’s mother, which sparks a lot of rage in Merrin as he throws the demon on the floor and begins beating it. He now sees the demon for who he really is, a mirror just trying to inflict doubt and rage in him. He doesn’t let the devil defeat him, and then allows the devil to possess him instead, trying to save Regan’s life, as he spared his own. This last scene in the movie is vividly important because
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