Symbols In The Lottery Short Story

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There are other symbols in this short story like the black dot on the slip of paper means that, that person is sentenced to death by the village people battering that person with rocks and pebbles until they die. Another symbol in this short story is the rocks and pebbles that mean, death and sorrow because the whole village including the person’s family has to throw rocks and pebbles at them to kill them. The black box is battered because the box is extremely old and has been around for a long time, in the story the villagers explained that the box has been around since the 1st settlers settled on that land, the black box has been replaced once and has some of the places of the old box in it but that was an extremely long time ago. Mr. Summers keeps suggesting to make a new box but no one wants to do it because everyone wants the traditional lottery to disappear forever but, Mr. Summers insects that
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