Symbols In The Orish Ogun Lagaaye

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The Orisha That I was assigned was Ogun Lagaaye. Ogun is a warrior and a powerful spirit of mental work and Rum making. The primary symbols of Ogun are iron, the dog, and the palm frond. They symbolize Ogun 's role in transformation, mediation, and function. Iron is the primary emblem of Ogun. Ogun altars and ceremonies use iron objects across the African diaspora. Often the followers of Ogun wear chains of iron out of respect for him. Ogun festivals feature the display of knives, guns, blacksmith implements, scissors, wrenches, and other iron implements from daily life. Ogun colors are Dark blue or navy blue and green, the food associated with Ogun is feijoada and yams. People who are devoted to Ogun will avoid certain foods such as goat, sugar, black beans, and the manga- espada. Ogun is know to be the orisha of barbers, doctors, butchers, blacksmith and any occupation at has to deal with Iron, such as knives or blades. One of the many things ogun does to help people is he often allow certain things to happen to men not to be evil but to give them a chance to learn a lesson. Ogun is quiet and reserved and you will rarely get a word out of him but he loves to help people and will forgive someone in a heartbeat. Some of the similarities between Ogun the orisha and the Ogun in the play were that they are both sweet honorable men. Ogun the Orisha helps people with his powers while Ogun the character helps Oya when she lost her mother and when Shango left her. They both
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