Symbols In We Were Liars

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How do money and power affect relationships? Is it possible to have a relationship that is not affected by social class or status? Relationships are complicated. Life is not perfect. People make mistakes. This essay will discuss several symbols that are found throughout the book, We Were Liars. These symbols will highlight the complex relationships between the characters in this book. The power and wealth of the Sinclair family affects how they interact with each other and those outside of their family. The first symbols that will be discussed are beach roses and the book, Wuthering Heights. I will provide information on how Wuthering Heights and the beach roses relate to Gat and Cadence’s relationship in We Were Liars. The beach roses are a very important symbol in this book. In the book, Cadence finds an envelope with dried beach roses, that is addressed to her, on the tire swing. The envelope is from Gat, only Gat is no longer alive. This shows us that Cadence is imagining Gat giving her these flowers. Cadence seeing these flowers symbolizes her love for Gat. This is why Cadence gets mad when she sees Gat sending dried roses to another girl. When Cadence sees these dried beach roses on the tire swing, we can see that she still loves Gat, even though he is dead. Although the beach roses are a symbol of Gat and Cadence’s relationship, let 's look at how Wuthering Heights also symbolizes their relationship. Gat uses Heathcliff, a character in Wuthering
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