Symbols In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Symbols have deeper meaning many unnoticed objects in novels and movies. For example, the Lord of the Flies has many symbolic objects it has to show. Lord of the Flies is about a group of schoolboys that were shot down by a war plane and crash on the island. Everyone on the plane survived except for the pilot. As the story goes on some of the schoolboys start to turn into savages. Most of the boys are saved but some of them didn’t make because of the savageness of the schoolboys. Some of the symbols that I think are the most important are Piggy’s glasses, the conch shell, and the signal fire. The first symbol want to talk about is Piggy’s glasses. In the novel Lord of the Flies, there is a character named Piggy that is a intelligent obese boy. Piggy wears glass and they represent the power on the island. For example, “His specs, use them as a burning…show more content…
The signal fire was an enormous fire that was to cause a lot of smoke for any passing planes or ships. What the fire represents is the hope for the boys. For example, “We can help them find us. If a ship comes near the may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire.” This quote showed the leadership of Ralph and how great of a leader he is. The fire give the boys hope of being saved of the island. For example, “ You got your small fire all right.” This is Piggy telling Jack after using his glasses to start the fire. Jacks bullied Piggy for the glasses because of the desperation of having hope to leave the island. In conclusion, the most important symbols in the Lord of the Flies are the signal fire, Piggy’s glasses, and the conch shell. The conch represents civilization, the fire represents the hope, and Piggy’s glasses represent the power of the island. I personally think these are the most important because of the relationship they have to the real world and showing the humans are naturally
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