Symbols Of Imperialism In Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Christopher Lehman & Julien Hartmann March 12, 2018 Period 1-2 Bennett Book Card Title: Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, 1899 Plot: A sailor, named Marlow recounts his journey to the Congo where he takes a job as a ship captain to seek Kurtz, who is known to be a reputable man. His travels illustrate the brutality of the Company and the mistreatment of the natives, as he voyages deeper into the dark jungle. In a series of obstacles and mysterious clues that hint about Kurtz’s inner personality, Marlow arrives at the inner station to find Kurtz dying. Kurtz’s imminent death leaves Marlow with a package of his reports and documents. With Kurtz’s final words and Marlow’s encounter with his Intended, Marlow realizes the evilness that dwells within all humans and that Kurtz’s legacy will live on in greatness. Setting: 19th century, first opening on the Thames River, then transitions to the Belgian Congo. The story revolves around the Belgian Congo and the voyage that Marlow takes on to understand the inner workings of Kurtz. The jungle is symbolic of the darkness while the various stations and river illustrates the present controls of civilization. Characters: Marlow: The main character, Marlow, is storying telling voyages into the Congo to seek Kurtz to understand himself, and the skeptical effects of imperialism. He comes to learn the dark side of human nature through his journeys to the Congo. Mr. Kurtz: Kurtz is a mysterious character whom we learn about primarily
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