Symbols Of Life In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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The symbols of life In the past women were expected by society to stay home and do the house work,take care of the kids and stay devoted to their husbands but then someone comes along and completely goes against those standards. This is exactly what Kate Chopins is trying to explain in the book The Awakening because she didn't like the expectations/standards that were put on women and when she wrote a book about it everyone thought that it was scandalous to the point to where it was banned. It was banned because during those times people didn't really think or even knew about what would happen in some marriages like cheating, or standards that were put on women. Through the book The Awakening there are many symbols that take a big part in the book in which they all goes a bigger meaning in the story…show more content…
As Chopin states in The Awakening “ I would give up the unessential: I would give up my money, I would give up my life for my children: but I wouldn't give myself.” In this quote Edna explains that she would give up anything for her children but the only thing she won't give up for them is herself, in other words she won't change or be someone else to please or satisfy her children. So basically in the book The Awakening Chopin is trying to show or explain to everyone that women shouldn't have to act the way society expects them to act because not all women can be the perfect house wife. This all is proven in the way Chopin represents Edna because every single symbol that is shown all adds up to make Ednas life and beliefs because some women may feel like a caged bird in their marriages. They might also feel like they aren't the best for being mothers or having to raise a child to begin but they might do it simply out of guilt or pity for the
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