Sympathy For Dante's Inferno

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The title of this book is Dante’s Inferno and is written by Dante Alighieri. Dante’s Inferno was first published in 1317 and fits into the genre of an epic poem. The setting of this story is mostly hell in the year 1300. The author of this poem has a very moral tone. The two most prominent characters in this poem are Dante and Virgil. Dante is the author and protagonist of the story. Dante, the author, wrote Dante’s Inferno based on events that actually happened in his life, however, the author Dante and the character Dante are portrayed very differently. The author chose to put the sinners in hell as the character sees the sinners and has sympathy for them. Throughout the story we see Dante slowly giving up his sympathy for the sinners and just seeing their punishment as justice. The physical appearance of Dante is never stated, but personally I like to imagine Dante as a slender but fit man, about average height. Virgil is Dante’s guide through hell and one of the other most…show more content…
Why are your eyes still riveted down there on those mournful and mutilated spirits”’ (pg. 148) This quote stood out to me because it shows how much people look down on the sinners for their mistakes. Dante was weeping for the sinners but Virgil told him that they all have done things to make them be in hell and they do not deserve Dantes tears.
A very big motif present in Dante’s Inferno is the author Dantes reason for writing the poem, the political injustice which had just happened to experience which is himself being exiled from Florence, Italy. He showed how angry the political figures who did that to him by putting them in hell. A symbol in this poem is human life. It shows how fragile humans truly are and how something they do even once can make their life horrible. Another symbol is the sins the people condemned for. The sinners are punished by their own sins and have a constant reminder of what they did.
Author's craft is very
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