Sympathy In Hamlet

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The “Tragedy of Hamlet”, Prince of Denmark, is a tragedy written by greatest writer William Shakespeare, also the playwright of his legendary plays “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and “Romeo and Juliet”. In the play, there is a palpable connection between their target audience and dramatic works. A speech presented by King Claudius in Act 4, scene 5; is a perfect example of this relationship. In the speech, it showed how Claudius was trying to earn the sympathy of the audience, but instead, he gained antipathy. The modern-day audience had a completely different outcome because of present-day cultural, social, and economical perception. “Next, your son gone, and he most violent author of his own just remove.” In this excerpt, King Claudius has changed up some few words, hence it seems like he didn’t do anything wrong. Also, the excerpt refers to Hamlet being taken away from his mother Gertrude and, how Hamlet was taken away because his own action and how he needs to be penalized. But, we all know that Claudius had banished Hamlet to England, and…show more content…
The audience experiences that he’s in trouble because of himself, but we don’t know why Claudius all of a sudden had to poison King Hamlet. In modern legal philosophy, the aspiration of power exists, but the government discourages leader to not kill for individual advantage. The audience, as law abiding citizens, they would want justice to be served for King Hamlet even if Claudius feels regretful. The modern day audience will never gain sympathy for Claudius because he caused so many problems for Hamlet and his folk, and also the people of Denmark. The government holds our world today with rules and regulations, we expect justice to be served, for those who break the
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