Sympathy In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Sympathy is feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune and understanding between people and common feelings. In the book Of Mice and Men a lot of characters in the book are treated badly by each other making us feel sympathy for them.I believe there are three main characters that deserve pity and sorrow from the reader and they are George, who deserves sympathy because he is always looking out for Lennie and making sure he is okay. Curley’s wife deserves pity and sorrow also because she is often getting mistreated by her husband and other people around her. Lennie deserves the most pity because he has a disability that does not allow him to function regularly like everyone else. There is a lot of pity and sorrow in this story. One of the first main character’s of the book that I would show sympathy for is George . I chose him because I noticed through this whole book he has never once left Lennie , to find his way by himself. Lennie is a good friend and man because…show more content…
To other people she probably deserves the most pity and sorrow for the things she has been through in life and people after people letting her down. In Of Mice And Men she is referred to as “Curley’s Wife” , she has no name that’s how irrelevant she is to her husband and the other guy’s. Curley to me shows disrespect to his so called”Wife” so much that I just don't get how you could treat someone you love like that, he doesn't introduce her to them or nothing he leaves it up to them if they want to know who she is. She has had the dreams of acting but those have been let down as she tells us “Says he was gonna put me in the movies , says i'm a natural” to me she lets people let her down without standing up for herself and it's not acceptable to be a grown women letting people let you down like that and not standing for yourself. There is a lot of pity and sorrow in this story that we should show our pity and sorrow to
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