Sympathy In Ken Harrison's Ethical Dilemma

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Physicians who view those who have taken their life with no sympathy maybe feel as if it’s goes against everything that was learned. In the medical field it was taught that every life is important, and that every measure should be took in order to preserve it when it comes to making that decision as a doctor. A quote from the book I believe shows why a connection of empathy is cut off comes not from a physician but the social worker Mrs.Boyle who heard of Ken Harrison’s Case, “ You must understand; we have to remain relatively detached in order to help…” (Clark, 184). This shows that when it comes to trying to sympathize fully with patients it is cut off at a certain point.

From what was read and seen in the film some may say that the the flaw in Mr.Harrison’s case would have been his inability to explain why the ending of his life would make the most sense in other words rather than the same approach he has been using. Another flaw could have been that Mr.Harrison did not give enough time on the matter by not trying methods provided by the doctors and nurses when it came to living with the type of condition he was in. Personally
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Emerson’s ideas on the subject contrast from one another, later on in the book it shows Harrison’s position on the matter. “ Nor do I wish live at any price. Of course I want to live, but as far as I am concerned I’m dead already. I merely require the doctors to recognize the fact. I cannot accept the condition constitutes life in any real sense at all.” (190, Clark) This only shows how strongly Harrison feels about not wanting to be in the state he is currently living in, as for Dr. Emerson it differs entirely. Another quote from the book shows how Dr.Emerson’s view “Because Mr. Harrison is incapable of living outside the hospital and it is my duty as a doctor to preserve life.” (Clark,186) Reading this it shows how Dr. Emerson thinks of how life should be maintained at all cost no matter how it is
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