Sympathy In Romeo And Juliet

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Sympathy means the feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune. This theme of sympathy correlates with the circumstances that the family of Goron is facing. The theme of sympathy and hatred is always switching out of the play, within these emotions, Horoshimi is trying to show that whether or not you work hard, sometimes it never pays off.

The prologue introduces two emotions, sympathy and hatred, "Those who work hard will prosper in despair" indicates that or predicts that Ethan will be successful in his life but will somehow be met with despair. Despair meaning the absence or lost of hope, it shows that Ethan whether or not he is successful, he will always have sorrow in his life regardless, he can't control his fate. Hiroshimi also constantly makes changes the atmosphere in the play. in line 1 -2 "Maybe my prosperity will lead me to obtaining true happiness" which is followed by "On the contrary one cannot feel prosper if he hasn't got anyone to prosper with" Hiroshimi has implied from
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It doesn't obey any rules of writing which gives the hint of something being abandoned. The words on each line are also by themselves, signalising they are lonely and distraught which is shown "sorrow,dejection,misery,agony,pain" in the whole play only this scene stands out the most due to the fact is it the most irregular structured. Horoshimi is trying to depict Ethans misery to the audience, he wants Ethan's misery to stand out the most. The words that were quoted above all have similar meaning, which portrays that Hiroshimi wanted the audience to know that his pain isn't just physical but as well as emotional to. The amount of pain he has felt is immense and it links back to earlier that sorrow and agony is natural to Ethan and it was his destiny to undergo agony and grief. Hiroshimi uses the repetition of words Ethan felt to amplify the amount of sympathy they audience has for
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