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For this assignment I went to a symphony orchestra. The place was comfortable and very secure. When entering the concert hall people showed to be very composed and organized. While finding their seats most of them picked the front and middle row, and were happily chatting and taking pictures before the concert started. In other words, it had a very pleasant and happy mood. Most of the individuals that assisted were mostly from 45+ of age. There were also a handful of young people, and very few children. The most used type of wardrobe was informal, although a couple of people (three or two) wore formal dresses or clothes. In addition, the illumination was also good. When the orchestra started the lighting above the stage area was the only one on while the rest of the room was dark. This made the audience most concentrated in the function than their surroundings. At the beginning, when waiting in lobby, I was a little nervous because I felt like I…show more content…
Besides, it’s made with the key in the D major giving it a sunny like feeling. The time of this piece range approximately from 4 to 5 minutes yet it gives a good insight of what it’s to come, as it establishes the feverish, hot and cheerful atmosphere for the play. It does have a lot of dynamics, volume and contrast, but it’s by no means excessive. Its tempo is also very fast (presto) giving the piece a much livelier mood. In addition, the instruments were all equally important, but the one that touched me the most were definitely the violins, which fast yet sweet melodies are still swirling on my head. Overture to Marriage of Figaro it’s such an extraordinary and difficult composition to play, that it’s no wonder that it has such a fame and captive those who heard it with its energetic

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