Cuban-American Orchestra Observation

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In the year 2012, the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba made a historic visit to the United States. I opted to witness the orchestra in the town of Aiken, South Carolina. I was extremely excited to experience the reaction to the orchestra in the South America. The performance of the band was scheduled by 9 pm on Tuesday, 2ND November, at the Etherredge Center, Aiken. As I reached the center, I saw that a studio theater was prearranged as the green room for the band. Some snacks including sandwiches and cookies were laid on tables in the passageway connecting the hallway and the lounge. The auditorium was packed with the Cuban- American spectators. The visual magnificence of the orchestra and the attention of the listeners heightened my excitement.
The orchestra opened with the national anthems of America, (the Star-Spangled Banner) and the Cuban (La Bayamesa) which was followed by standing ovation from the audience.
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As the string instruments moved in harmony, the brass instruments were incorporated with a slow tune. The piece eventually progressed to be more theatrical. The melodies gathered pace and the music became more powerful with the consistent entries of different instruments and melodies. One category of the instrument was pursued by another and eventually all instruments were playing in harmony with each other. The ending was the peak of the piece. The trumpets were the front position of the proposition, with the constant thumping of drums and ringing of the bells in the backdrop. Then the string instruments became the leading sound with the brass instruments being played in the
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