Symptoms Of Groupthink In 12 Angry Men

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Symptoms of groupthink were very observable in 12 Angry Men. Members pressured the sole holdout vote to explain the case so they could show him where he was wrong. The group also had an aggressor who attacked others during the interaction for an act as simple as blowing their nose (Borkowski,2011). This movie was propelled by the blocker who resisted the group's effort (Borkowski,2011). In my work environment, an announcement was made for a change in uniform policy with very little explanation. The group began to swirl rumors and form opinions about how this was terrible and that it would be costly and not a positive move. At the end of the week, there were petitions signed, resumes polished and a staff of angry people against this horrific change. The group had molded the perceived change into a terrible thing. Once management became aware of the movement of disdain, they began to communicate with the staff which was already angry and had a formulated an opposition against the change. There was no talking to anyone and everyone was mad.…show more content…
The director very skillfully lets no one speak and accurately explained the change which was not what the group think and rumor had broadcast. The change was minor and was requested by the staff in a survey. The group had turned a poorly written memo into a monster of a policy change and grew an angry mob for nothing. The policy change once explained was positive and what the staff wanted on prior investigations. The groups closed-mindedness of management's evil plan prevented them from considering options and rationalizing a calm more productive action

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