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Transient Behavior of Synchronous machine using Matlab/Simulink Babita Chauhan1 , Rachit Saxena2 scholar, Electrical,RCEW,Jaipur,India1 Assistant professor, Electrical,RCEW,Jaipur,India2 Abstract –The requirement of electricity is increasing at an alarming rate but the running demand of power is ahead of its supply. More the demand more generation. Due to increase generation, synchronism between different parts of power system has become difficult. In this research paper firstly the behavioral study of synchronous machine with PID controller and discrete filter is carried out of transfer by aid transfer function and In the second step point-by-point method using simulink show the transient behavior of the synchronous machine. The…show more content…
The generator, transformer, transmission lines, protective circuit breaker, relay forms an electrical power system. And Disturbances like lightning hit, short circuit, conductor clashing such faults frequently occur on power system. Faults are is like ‘‘problem’’ for power system which has to be cleared within few seconds. Fault other than short circuit faults like breaking of conduction path is also a fault. Smaller fault is not cleared on time can result into bigger disturbances. Such disturbances result into transient faults. Transient faults makes the power system run out of synchronism and hence lost in power system stability . It is essential to maintain synchronism between generator and system else voltage fluctuations and current fluctuation will disconnect the supply at the faulty sections.[4] Power system stability is Define as “The power system is said to be stable if after large disturbances, the system comes to normal working condition’’. Maximum power without causing any instability is supplied. II. TYPES OF SYSTEM…show more content…
5 Simulation block diagram of SG with PID Controller and Discrete Filter Fig. 6 Response of SG with PID Controller and Discrete Filter.. IX. CONCLUSION The research emphasized on the behavior of transient stability by MATLAB / Simulink. A M-file is presented to show Numerical solution by Point-by-Point method. The response of Synchronous generator with PID and Discrete filter is also shown using MATLAB blocks. X. FUTURE WORK A Non- linear method of power system stability, point-by-point and behavior synchronous generator with PID Controller and Discrete Filter with help of MATLAB/ Simulink is carried out here For future the behavior of synchronous generator with combination of PID and PI Controller can be investigated. ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to express my sincere heartful gratitude towards Mr. Rachit Saxena, Assistant Prof. EE Department, RCEW for his invaluable guidance, advice, comments and constant engagement throughout me work.. It has been my honour to work under his supreme supervision. . REFERENCES [1] J.B. Gupta , A Course in power system systems, S.K.Kataria and publications [2] D.P Kothari , I.J. Nagrath , Power System Engineering, Second edition, Mcgraw Hill Education Pvt

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