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Spanish in America Early in American exploration there is a Spanish man named Disoto who explored the American south before eventually dying. He was followed by Coronado who ended up moving into what is now modern day New Mexico and eventually California would be discovered by Cabrillo. Spaniards being of Catholic faith felt the need to spread the word, rather forcefully as well. In Florida, the spanish had several missionaries established in the hopes of Catholicizing the local natives there (the Ajacans). Eventually a man would lead rebellions against the missionaries, his name was Don Luis. As subjectgation failed in Florida, the Spanish attempted their hand at New Mexico. In 1598, in the land later known as New Mexico there would…show more content…
The French made claim to the inner-American region which stretched from Kansas up to Canada’s Quebec region. By 1603 they had colonized the Great Lakes, chartered as New France. As 1666 came around the French were 3,200 strong in the new lands and eventually an explorer by the name of La Salve explored the Mississippi River. In the Great Lakes region around 1603-1763 the French lost control to the Natives. The French unlike many of the other European countries were living in coexistence with the Indians but this eventually paint them as weak and the natives used that to their advantage. This area was a huge hotbed for trade, especially for Du Bois, a fur trader and runner of the woods who lived with the natives. The loss of control would put a strain on the French economy. However in South the French were implementing another method onto the…show more content…
American exceptionalism began early in the colonial times. As Americans began to self govern, understand the economic structure, and look to expand towards the west they began to view themselves as special in sense. These people no longer needed to depend on the Crown that was positioned halfway across the planet. As the British began to lose control of their colonial territories in the New world they started implementing and enforcing certain laws that would raise taxes on goods such as paper, tea and sugar. The American colonists who had already become accustomed to a lack of enforced tariffs started complaining about the rising taxes. The Amers, surprisingly enough, only paid 1/25th taxes of that of the British commoners yet they deemed it to be outrageous. This growing turmoil and resentment was near boiling by the year of 1770. Then came the Boston Massacre which a group of redcoats fired into a crowd, killing four; this was just another stepping stone towards the Revolutionary War. With the help of Jefferson 's propagandizing of the massacre as well as Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, Common Sense, the American public were more and more accepting of the idea of separation. Finally by the year 1776, America has declared itself a sovereign nation and was ready for war with the

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